25 of the Best Mental Health Quotes In 2021

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We constantly think of mental disorders as problems but what if they’re an opportunity that needs to be harnessed? 

I just finished reading something about mental disorders and people with anxiety of high levels of empathy and may be able to understand peoples pain easier.

People with bipolar are are 4x more creative in art and have intense creative level.

People with depression tend to see situations more realistically.

Maybe it’s not a demon.

Maybe it’s a superpower.

We want to show you some of the best mental health quotes that we’ve come across.

Consider sharing if one of them resonances with you, you may be able to help harness someones superpower. 

The Best Mental Health Quotes


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Believe in your self mental health quote
do something today that your future self will thank you for mental health quote
self love first mental health quote
Shine your own light mental health quote
don't shrink yourself in order to make others comfortable mental health quote
being yourself is so much easier mental health quote

We’ve love to hear your favourite mental health quotes in the comment sections!

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It’s affordable, highly rated, and can help you. 

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