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We know that when the brain is healthy, people are happier, physically healthier, wealthier, and they make better decisions. We know the opposite is true when brains aren’t healthy. mentalhealthday.org is here to create healthy vibrant brains.

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality
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Relating To Mental Health.

Here you’ll find a 360-degree approach to your wellness that weaves the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental aspects of your mental well-being together. We believe that these pillars of health are all interconnected for a person to thrive, not merely survive. Instead of being a static organ that doesn’t change after adolescence, you can change your brain. The brain is now seen as having a lifelong dynamic ability to change in response to its environment. Neuroplasticity is the term used to explain the brain’s ability to change in response to new learning, experience, or injury. This new understanding underlines the importance of paying attention to our brain health, development, and changing the way we look at mental health. 

Our Impact

We help prevent, maintain, and improve mental health for all people. As a leader and advocate for mental health, we promote the mental health of all and support the resilience and recovery of people experience mental illness. 

We want to transform the way mental health is looked at and treated. We want to achieve our mission of boosting brain health because it not only helps the individuals prevent or alleviate suffering but it helps everyone around them —family members, friends, and coworkers. In addition, helping one person’s brain can create a lasting legacy that will empower and improve the lives of their future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission will always be to promote the advancement of mental health awareness, prevention of mental disorders, advocacy, and effective recovery interventions

We’re on a mission to create a healthier, happier, more sustainable well to look at brain health. Our aim is to provide informative, inspiring and topical stories about mental health and wellbeing. We want to break the stigma of mental health in our society, and to shine a light on the ways to look at mental health. This support should be able for everyone, no matter their situation

Take control of your mental health today

I believe that true health is much more than the absence of disease. It is a total state of wellbeing, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social components. 

Just as we all have unique physical features and personalities, we also have unique internal and biochemical make-ups. Each of us differs in how we digest food, how our bodies detoxify, and which foods nourish or inflame our systems. This explains why some diets and lifestyle changes work wonders for some but can be harmful to others – confirming that honouring each person’s individuality is essential.

My goal is to help others achieve and maintain optimal mental wellbeing and to do so, I believe in identifying the root causes of illness, treating the underlying disturbances, and restoring balance in the body, mind and environment to conquer mental illness. Rather than treating the symptoms, I utilize diet, lifestyle changes, supplements, exercise, stress management practices, sleep and more to improve the functioning of the brain and gut health as a means of creating vibrant, sustainable health.

Daryl R. Stubbs

Creator of mentalhealthday.org

The Mental Health Day Team

Daryl Stubbs

I’m the creator of mentalhealthday.org, the athletic therapy center, and the owner of Sync Therapy. I live an active lifestyle which includes long walks in the mountains with my two dogs. My secret talent is being able to cook minute rice in 58 seconds.




We stand behind

Our Values

We believe that healthy, happy people are the key to creating a thriving world​

Science & Research​

Exploration is at the heart of everything we do at here—from the studies we cover to the strong science backing up our products. We look the up to date best research and medical expertise available in each and every area that we explore.​

Quality Sourced​

Whether it’s a product we recommend, a person we feature, or a course we hope you explore, we are deeply committed to providing you with quality. Our goal is to provide you with information, products, and connections that stand the test of time.​

Committed To The Whole Person​

At the foundation of amazing health is the conviction that the different areas of our lives are interconnected with one another. Purpose and meaning come when we are thriving in every area of our life, so here we will nurture and care for every aspect of our lives in order to facilitate full and lasting mental and physical health.

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